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Blank Verse Blog Week

You know, I think a few weeks is sufficient lead time, and if not, there's always next year.
That being so, I (in concert with jadelennox) declare the week of April 20-27 (that is, the week containing April 23) to be Blank Verse Blog Week.

What is Blank Verse Blog Week?
It is a week, the Sunday-Sunday containing April 23, in which all participating bloggers blog in blank verse as much as possible.

What is Blank Verse?
Blank verse is unrhymed verse,almost always iambic pentameter.

I thought blank verse was poetry without any meter, like e.e. cummings!
This is a common misconception. What you are thinking of is free verse, and e.e. cummings actually did not write in it exclusively.

Why April 23?
It's Shakespeare's birthday. Much of his writing is in blank verse.

Why Blank Verse?
Because with L'oreal writing their ads in leet-speak, we figured it would be fun to come up with a new/old way of expressing oneself.

Do I have to write all of my entries in blank verse?
Nobody's making you do anything. Feel free to participate to whatever extent you like.

What about comments?
Again, it's up to you.

Please feel free to publicize this widely!
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